Amazing, Natural Results with Ingenious Garden Polytunnel

There is a surge of interest for people to grow their own vegetables so that they know exactly under what conditions their veggies are grown. Garden Polytunnels have opened the way for people to grow vegetables and flowers without the need to invest in an expensive glass- or greenhouse. To get the most from your polytunnel, they offer useful advice to their customers and will tell them that with these tunnels you can install electricity as well as lighting so that they can be entered day and night. In hotter climates, where temperatures can soar, farmers are also able to install misters to reduce the temperature in the polytunnel.

If you are really serious about growing exotic flowers and plants, why not look at Garden Polytunnels to get the exact size you need? Garden Polytunnels offer a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from as well as different options in style. Some people prefer their base-rail system polytunnels; some want their bubble polythene which provides more warmth. Customers can also choose between a pitched- roof style or dome-roof style; the team at Garden Polytunnels are there to provide tips and advice on finding the one that fits into your space ideally. They even have their popular Mini Polytunnels which are perfect for anyone with a small garden.

Useful Features to Optimise Growing Conditions

Garden Polytunnels offers serious gardeners the tall sided tunnels which maximise working space and allow easy access for wheelbarrows and even people in wheelchairs etc. The larger designs will allow harvesting machines to enter, allowing for automated production of crops. Many strawberry fields in the UK grow under ideal conditions with these tunnels. The tunnel creates an optimum environment for fruit and veggie growing because it allows the right amount of sunshine to come through, while protecting the plants inside from too much rain and wind.

If you battle to construct your polytunnel or have lost the instructions, you can download constructions guides free off the Internet. Garden Polytunnels provide their customers with gardening equipment which is designed to last. Their polytunnels are easy to construct and also have no need for a prepared base. With their high strength galvanised steel framework as well as a guarantee against polyethylene UV degradation and rust, their polytunnels are designed for longevity. These controlled environment structures come with useful features such as roll up and down sides to allow fresh air to pour in and you can also ask them about their light diffusing covers which take away the glare which other plastics give off.

Growing Vegetables Free of Pesticides

Garden Polytunnels have so many advantages and the enclosed nature of these tunnels reduces the need for harmful pesticides and chemicals. Contact Garden Polytunnels and find out why so many other people are having so much fun and success with growing healthy fruit and vegetables in such a natural way.