Urban areas want more greenery!

Indoor farming is becoming more and more popular in densely populated urban areas. Constantly there are calls for greener areas in cities and busy towns, some have even incorporated rooftop gardens to encourage wildlife to remain in the area. The hype around green space has never been higher, with businesses trying to promote an eco-ethos […]

Round the clock support can help your business flourish

In the competitive arena of business and commerce, it helps to have the right support available instantly. If your trade depends on machinery and technical equipment, you probably need this more than others. Everyone knows a small glitch can hold things up in irritating ways, bringing your entire manufacturing or packaging process to a halt. […]

What’s the big deal about shrink-wrap?

Shrink wrap is one of the most established industries on the planet. When you are part of an economic system which thrives on supply and demand, it’s not surprising that the industry which is a central and unshakeable pillar of this process flourishes. Yet it seems to be hidden precisely because of how important it […]

I’ve got my product, now what?

It’s totally natural to be swept away with excitement when you finally have your product idea and are ready to turn it into a business. And then all the boring things come in, like ‘How do I label this stuff? How do I wrap it? I need it to look good, but Google doesn’t seem to […]

Why should I pick paving?

With the approach of summer, many people anticipate the chance to spend time outdoors in the garden. Whether it is enjoying the recreational space, or relaxing with friends and family, the garden certainly becomes the place to be. However, you may be tired of having the same old feature of a single lawn or perhaps […]

Bloomin’ Brilliant

With spring on the horizon and summer glinting around the corner, the RHS are getting ready to kick off their annual flower show in April, starting in Cardiff and Finishing in Manchester at the end of July. The Royal Horticultural Society are a charity dedicated to all things gardening, and help to inspire and develop […]

Can you adapt that air hose?

An air hose is an essential piece of kit for many professionals. As good use involves the controlled influx of air from the hose often into a compressor or tool, efficiency is key. Air hoses are used for a variety of tasks – from the industrial to the recreational: Can be used in conjunction with […]

Grow Produce in Any Condition with a Garden Polytunnel

A new year brings about fresh starts and new goals for many, with hopes to make the year better than the last. Something to pursue outside of work is one thing many aim towards, and growing fruit and veg is one such past time many like to undertake. But with the weather in the UK […]

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